Monday, April 26, 2010

Brian's Story of Hope

Brian was searching for answers. Alcohol had destroyed his life. He’d lost his job, his home, his family and friends.

Brian's Story of Hope (Quicktime Version)

Brian from pdxmission on Vimeo.

“When I walked into the Mission, I never dreamed that I could have my life back again. I never thought I would have hope. Now I have purpose again. I’ve had a heart change, and I feel like I count.”

Brian’s story is a dramatic example of what can happen in the lives of men, women and children who are part of our New Life recovery ministry. Your support makes it possible. Donate online at Or call 503-MISSION (647-7466)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Junior's Story of Hope

Junior still had a chance to save his marriage--if he could break from his addiction.

Junior's Story of Hope (Quicktime Version)

Junior from pdxmission on Vimeo.

In our recovery program, Junior has found the accountability he wanted. He knows the bad decisions he's made--and wants to get to the root causes behind his addiction.

Your support saves lives--and marriages. Donate online at Or call 503-MISSION (647-7466)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Yvonne's Story of Hope

Looking at Yvonne's bright smile today, you'd never suspect she was once a meth addict.

Yvonne's Story of Hope (Quicktime Version)

Yvonne from pdxmission on Vimeo.

"Before I came to Shepherd's Door, I was a lost, wasted person living on somebody's floor," Yvonne remembers. Today, she has a home, a great job, a car -- and restored relationships with her family.

Thanks to your support, Yvonne is free from an addiction that held her prisoner for 18 years. Give hope to more women like her.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

David's Story of Hope

"There's got to be a better way.," David told himself. He'd wasted too many years on crack addiction, living cold and hungry on the street.

David's Story of Hope (Quicktime Version)

David from pdxmission on Vimeo.

At Portland Rescue Mission, David got more than food and roof over his head. He looked beyond the physical aspects of his addiction and began healing from its root causes. He found a deeper connection to God, learned new life skills and got his GED.

David found a total life recovery. Your support today gives that same hope to more men and women like him.

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